Floras Lake Waterfall Trail

Floras Lake Beach, close to Langlois, showcases imposing cliffs and eroded sandstone rock formations, establishing itself as one of the most intriguing coastal spots on this stretch of the Pacific. Towards the southern tip of Floras Lake Beach, adjacent to Blacklock Point, visitors will encounter a stunning, 150-foot waterfall descending from a coastal precipice, gracefully pouring down the rocks to meet the shoreline. This is one of the few waterfalls you will find outside the coastal mountain range.

The excursion begins in Boice Cope Park, where you’ll need to pay a parking fee. From here, take the 5.2-mile round-trip along the beach to the falls. The sandy terrain makes this hike somewhat demanding, and you should only attempt it at low tide, as the Pacific tends to run all the way up to the sheer sandstone cliffs. After enjoying views of the waterfall, head directly back the way you came or look for signposts pointing to the Oregon Coast Trail. Head up the trail and onto the cliffs for a phenomenal viewpoint atop Blacklock Point.

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Langlois, Oregon
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