Discover Out-of-the-Ordinary Adventures, Tailored to Your Child’s Distinctive Taste

Kid reaching into a tide pool at the Marine Life Center in Charleston, Oregon
Learn About Tidepooling at the Charleston Marine Life Center – Photo by Justin Myers

Visitors flock to the Southern Oregon Coast for its scenic drives, ocean adventures, and beach fun—classic coastal living. But dig deeper, and you’ll uncover a treasure trove of unconventional attractions, perfect for family adventures. To get you started, we’ve assembled a list of activities tailored for your kiddo’s unique personality and interests. Sure, the ocean and sand are the main attractions, but it’s the thrill of the unexpected that will have you spinning stories that’ll be told for years to come.

Dedicated Athlete

Guy playing Disc Golf in Bandon, Oregon
Enjoy Disc Golf on the Southern Oregon Coast

Unleash your avid athlete’s talent at Bud Cross Park in Brookings. Sink three-pointers, hit home runs, or serve aces on the tennis court—this park has it all. Passionate tennis players can also find courts at 5th Street Park and Sanford Heights Park in Coquille. 

When summer heat kicks in, dive into the refreshing waters of the Coquille Community Pool or the pool at Bud Cross Park. For a warmer aquatic experience, Mingus Park Pool in Coos Bay has a heated outdoor pool year-round, while Highland Pool in Reedsport and the North Bend Community Pool offer heated indoor swimming.

Looking for a unique adventure? Explore the coast from May to September by pedaling the rails with Oregon Coast Railriders out of Coquille. In winter, North Bend grooms the Oregon Coast’s only ice-skating rink, offering a special chilly-season activity. And, disc golf enthusiasts can enjoy this family-friendly sport year-round at Bicentennial Park in Reedsport, Ferry Road Park in North Bend, Mingus Park in Coos Bay, Bandon City Park, Buffington Park in Gold Beach, Buffington Memorial Park in Port Orford, and Azalea Park in Brookings.

Curiosity Seeker

Two twin girls at in pink raincoats at the Prehistoric Gardens theme park in Port Orford, Oregon
Dance with the Dinosaurs at Prehistoric Gardens in Port Orford – Photo by Barb Dunham

By “curiosity seeker,” we mean kids who are always wide-eyed at the wonders of the world, no matter where they are or the object of their gaze. If you have one of these curious kids, take them to the Prehistoric Gardens near Port Orford. They’ll encounter life-size dinosaur replicas and learn about these prehistoric creatures. Set in a rainforest, the gardens offer a serene retreat for adults, and engaging entertainment for the kids. Because, let’s be real, what preschooler isn’t into dinosaurs?

If they’re curious about the sea, exploring the harbors and marinas of Charleston, Brookings, Bandon, and Winchester Bay could spark their sailor’s spirit. They’ll delight in seeing the variety of boats and laugh at the creative names. Another prime choice from spring to summer is Bandon’s Circles in the Sand—a magical event where intricate labyrinths are drawn on the beach for everyone to explore. Children especially relish circling through the maze to its heart, then watching it disappear as the tide erases this beautiful and ephemeral art.

Budding Scientist

Three young ladies stand in a museum, one is pointing at a dinosaur skeleton at the Marine Life Center in Charleston, Oregon
Learn About Blue Whales at Charleston Marine Life Center – Photo by Justin Myers

Is your child a future Einstein or Marie Curie? They’ll adore the Charleston Marine Life Center. It’s full of interactive marine biology and conservation exhibits, perfect for the clever and curious. And that’s just the start! At Reedsport’s Umpqua Discovery Center, “Pathways to Discovery” invites kids to explore the world of bears, track the weather, study skeletons, and investigate the habitats of forest critters. 

Explorations closer to nature can be found at the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve near Charleston, which offers trails with interpretive signs revealing the secrets of the land. For deeper exploration of science, consider their four-day Science Camps for Kids, conveniently tailored by age for your junior scientist. 


Cosmo the Tufted Puffin Art Sculpture by Washed Ashore Bandon Oregon s
Visit Washed Ashore’s “Cosmo the Tufted Puffin” at Coquille Point in Bandon – Photo by Sharon Lippold

If your child is passionate about protecting the environment, the Southern Oregon Coast offers exciting excursions! After a stop at the Charleston Marine Life Center to see how the environment influences tidepools, jump over to Sunset Bay State Park or any of several places on the coast for a bit of real-life tidepool magic. Watch your kid’s eyes light up as they discover starfish, crabs, and other sea critters up close. It’s a hands-on, muddy-feet kind of learning that turns a day at the beach into an unforgettable outing.

At the Oregon Dunes Interpretive Center in Reedsport and New River Area of Environmental Concern near Langlois, interpretive signs showcase the local birdlife. Plus, you’ll get an inside scoop on the conservation efforts that keep this slice of coast teeming with life. In Bandon and Coos Bay, swing by Washed Ashore to see stunning sculptures made from recycled plastics tossed onshore by the tide. It’s not just art, it’s an eye-opening conversation starter about the impact plastic pollution has on our oceans and waterways. Your conservationist can join the effort by collecting debris, sorting materials, or even helping create these meaningful sculptures.

Adrenaline Junkie

A kid riding a bike at Whiskey Run Trails in Bandon, Oregon
Go Air Borne at Whiskey Run Bike Trails between Bandon and Coos Bay – Photo by Hornbecker

For the adrenaline junkie in the family, Jerry’s Rogue Jets in Gold Beach offers exhilarating whitewater and wilderness tours. Or head north to Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Stretching from North Bend to Winchester Bay, it’s an ideal playground for dune buggy and ATV enthusiasts. Spinreel Dune Buggy and ATV Rentals in North Bend has rentals and tour packages available. 

Skateboarders, rejoice! You’ll find well-designed skate parks at Bud Cross Park in Brookings, Mingus Park in Coos Bay, Lions Park in Reedsport, Buffington Memorial Park in Port Orford, and Gold Beach Skate Park in Gold Beach, perfect for catching some air. And, for the dare-devil mountain biker, Whiskey Run Bike Trails north of Bandon offers thrilling “black diamond” trails, as well as more sedate trails for the rest of the family.

Animal & Wildlife Lover

A male Elk stands among other elk in a meadow in Reedsport, Oregon
Watch the Roosevelt Elk Mingle at Dean Creek Viewing Area – Photo by Byron Johnson

Animal enthusiasts are in for a treat at Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area near Reedsport, where a herd of 60-100 Roosevelt elk graze almost daily. Want a touch of the exotic? West Coast Game Park Safari near Bandon is a must. The whole family can meet, play, and snap selfies with some of the most incredible ambassador animals from around the globe.

If they’re into marine life, most coastal town docks offer great seal, sea lion, and otter sightings. Head to Simpson Reef near Charleston to hear seals and sea lions bark so loud, you might need ear plugs! Fancy spotting whales? With its calm waters, Port Orford is quickly becoming a go-to spot for whale watching devotees. Or go for a more active animal encounter by riding horseback at Bullards Beach in Bandon, where you can book a lesson or guided tour with Bandon Beach Riding Stables.


Kids on the Beach
Find Your “Message in a Bottle” in Bandon – Photo by Emma Horrocks

Does your kid like scavenger hunts? During the whole month of April, Gold Beach scatters 1,000 glass floats across its beaches for its Annual Glass Float Treasure Hunt. And, in Bandon, you can hunt for a “Message-in-a-Bottle” all year long. 

Driving from town to town? Make up your own car bingo scavenger hunt out of discovering all the artwork along the Southern Oregon Coast Public Art Trail. See if your young ones can spot all the public art listed, and give them a bonus for finding those that are not.

History Buff

The front of the Coos County Logging Museum with a statue of a logger with an axe, in Myrtle Point, Oregon
Get a Selfie with the Lumberjack at the Coos County Logging Museum in Myrtle Point – Photo by Katera Woodbridge

Got a young history buff on your hands? The Coos Bay Boardwalk is brimming with stories that vividly recount the rich history of Coos Bay and its vital lumber industry. Check out the “Koos #2,” an old tugboat that’s seen its fair share of adventures. Then walk to the nearby Historic Railway, which features historic trains and a quaint museum. Welcome aboard!

Further satisfy their curiosity about local history and culture by visiting the Chetco Valley Museum in Brookings, Curry Historical Society Museum in Gold Beach, Agness-Illahe Museum in Agness, Coos History Museum in Coos Bay, Coos County Logging Museum in Myrtle Point, Bandon Historical Society Museum, Port Orford Lifeboat Station, or the Historic Hughes House north of Port Orford. Each of these museums serves as a window to the past, offering a glimpse into the region’s rich history and culture, and bringing to life the days gone by.

Free Range Kid

Kid at Park in North Bend Oregon
Give Your Kid Free Range at Ferry Road Park in North Bend – Photo by Haley Dunham

Lastly, for the “free range” kid who just loves to run, jump, and play, the Southern Oregon Coast offers an abundance of possibilities. Beyond our miles of sandy shores, you’ll discover sprawling fields and playgrounds in virtually every town, offering endless opportunities for exploration and fun. Azalea Park in Brookings, one of the coast’s largest parks, is a hub for entertaining activities. It features a vast playground equipped for climbing, sliding, swinging, and imaginative play, along with a spacious lawn for games. 

Options in other towns include Bandon City Park, Ferry Road Park in North Bend, or Community Building Park and Sanford Height Park in Coquille. Noteworthy is Sanford Height, which includes a basketball court dual-marked for pickleball. Tugman State Park and the Hundred Acre Wood in Coquille also merit a visit for their biking and hiking trails, catering to outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

Pack the Van!

Whether your kid is brainy, athletic, curious, eco-friendly, free range, or a combination of the above, the Southern Oregon Coast offers a wealth of experiences. From natural wonders to museums and engaging activities, this coastal paradise is guaranteed to create lasting memories for the whole family. 

Make a plan, load up the van, and venture out with the clan on a memorable adventure along the enchanting coast of Southern Oregon!